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I carry a variety of handmade bath and body products. They are made to order in your favorite scents. I carry bath Salts, Bath Bombs, Body Sprays Body Wash, Scrubs, Lots of other goodies to choose from.

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  • Bath Fizzies

    Natural Bath Fizzies Salts Poop

    Natural Handcrafted Poop Bath Fizzies Salts

    Why give your kids coal when you can surprise them with poop, bath fizzies poop that is! Enjoy one of our great handmade stocking stuffers. We have all sorts of poop for you! We have Elf poop, Reindeer poop, Grinch poop and even a bit of 'magic' from Frosty himself, Snowman poop. Each bag contains 4 oz of all natural (and great smelling!) bath fizzies--a perfect gift for young and old alike.

  • Bath Melts Kisses
  • Bath Salts

    Handmade Luxury Bath Salts

    Bath Salts

    Heavily scented with long-lasting fragrance, lose yourself in the relaxing moment with handmade luxury bath salts.  After a long, stressful day you deserve the time to relax and unwind with a spa-like treatment at home.  Housed in a kraft color bag, these luxury bath salts will leave you one scoop away from heaven.  The color of the scoop will vary with each purchase.

  • Body Wash

    Handcrafted Body Wash

    Handcrafted in Iowa Body Wash

    Begin your day or night with Good Bath Products

    Handcrafted body wash has a very rich lather, a little goes a long way.

    Treat your skin to our healthy handcrafted body wash to start your day right.

    Body Wash  is available in a wide variety of fragrance oils or essential oils.

  • Gift Basket


    Hand woven Basket Made in Iowa

    Sherrys Gift Baskets Gifts Sets a unique selection of soaps, lotions and spa items for women for all occasions at affordable gifts. Find her very own gift baskets with a bath and body theme for the her . Our gift baskets contains everything a woman needs to feel very pampered and special .Her very own basket will be full of high quality products fit to please her very well.. Find the perfect scent she will love and give her the unique luxury bath she will treasure. Make her special gift even more relaxing and fun with all the items in her unique gift basket with her favorite scent. Lots of scents to choose from. The basket will have goat milk lotion and luxury soaps, shower gel and lots of other goodies. The basket will have a lot of wonderful products to treat body she will surely enjoy just for her.. Give her a unique gift just for her, she deserves to be treated truly special on Mother's Day gift or Christmas day or any other day

  • Bath Bombs

    Bath Bombs Made in Iowa

    Bath Bombs

    My bath bombs are made to order. They come in a variety of scents and colors.

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    Handmade Bath Bombs Made in Iowa These bath bombs are made fresh when ordered. They will come in a sheer favor bag with hang tie with the scent. Inside the bag will be the directions and ingrdient list. This is a pefect give for showwers and wedding favors. Made in lots of different colors and scents. The bath bombs wiegh no less than 1.75 oz and could... Handmade Bath Bombs Made in Iowa...

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    Handmade Luxury Bath Salts Bath Salts Heavily scented with long-lasting fragrance, lose yourself in the relaxing moment with handmade luxury bath salts.  Handmade Luxury Bath Salts Bath...

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  • $ 59.00

    IOWA GIFT BASKET As with all handmade items they are always a little bit different that is what makes handmade items so special. This is a very nice well made basket not one of those cheap dollar basket. The basket is made in Iowa IOWA GIFT BASKET As with all handmade...

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  • $ 2.75

    Handmade Bath Fizzies Grinch Poop Grinch Poop Is there someone on your Holiday list who is as cuddly as a cactus? Do they possess the tender sweetness of a seasick crocodile? Make them feel right at home with Grinch Poop. Handmade Bath Fizzies Grinch Poop...

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