Soap Logs

Soap Logs

Handmade Soap Logs

Handcrafted Soap Loaf

The natural handmade soap log soaps are made using water, olive oil, palm oil, lye, coconut oil, palm kernel, castor oil, cocoa butter, mango butter, shea butter. Some will contain essential oils, herbs, oatmeal and coloring. The more soap logs you buy the cheaper they get . Buy 10 logs soaps at $20 each wow that is only $2 per bar. You can order all the same scent or all different you will have to put in each scent per log soap ordered. The cart will give you the correct amount per soap log.

The soaps are made to order. I will ship them out in approx 2 to 3 weeks after they are made. You will need to let them cure another 2 weeks or more before use.

The logs are cut and labeled. You will get 10 full size bars of at least 4 oz each.

The bars are approx 1 inch thick. The bars will be at least 4 oz if not a little more.

You may label them with your own label. If you want the ingredients that you can put them on your soaps let me know and I will email you the ingredients you need for each log you ordered.

You may resell these bars for whatever price you want.

Great way to stock up on all your favorite scents.

Soap Log

Soap Log

Handcrafted Luxury Soap LoafHandmade Luxury Soap LogsSome will contain essential oils, herbs, oatmea..


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